Cultural Exchange

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Bright Future School in collaboration with Dekalb Academy of Technology and Environment located in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States of America has given an opportunity to our second cycle school students (grade 6 to 8) to participate in a program called “The Exchange”.

It is the mission of the Exchange to engage students in dialogue - ‘the exchange’ - of ideas, experiences, and cultural diversity to promote an early understanding and proactive approach to responsible global citizenship.

This dialogue gives students the opportunity to take advantage of technology to gain first hand experience communicating with others and learning about other cultures. 

The main goal of this program is to provide an opportunity for our students to actively participate in the movement of cultural communication, understanding, and tolerance of people internationally.

Student Benefits

  • The students will gain a rich first-hand experience communicating with students in the United States.  It is a country of economic importance and poses new opportunities as the global economy broadens.
  • This experience adds to an impressive and diverse academic portfolio for all participating students. 
  • The students will have early exposure to future school and job opportunities they may not traditionally consider.
  • The lessons in the program can be used across the curriculum, allowing students to see how the subject of global awareness can relate to many areas in life. 


Year One - During the school year ‘Exchange’ sessions included 8 video communication sessions with host school in the United States.

At the end of the school year, 8 Bright Future School Students have visited Atlanta, the United States. During the visit, our students had the opportunities to visit various attractions in the city and participate in various activities together.

Year Two - The students have continued with another cycle of ‘Exchange’ sessions, building on the previous year’s experiences, and continue in dialogue with the American Students. The second year of the program focused on a joint environmental project, in which the students share their experiences and results. The students of the two schools meet at an online forum to easily exchange ideas and lessons. This cycle of lessons also involves travel preparation for end of year trip.

At the end of the school year, several students from the American school will visit Ethiopia in the month of July, 2013.During the visit, the students will visit historical and contemporary sites, colleges, and participate in other activities.

Flavors of Ethiopia and America - The students discover various types of foods and beverages. We offer a session exclusively dedicated to Ethiopian coffee and Coca Cola.

Traditional Themes, Textiles, and Current Trends - Students get to try on and view different pieces of traditionally made Ethiopian clothes. They also view an ‘art exhibit’ featuring various pieces of traditional and contemporary Ethiopian art.

Old and New, East meets West -The influence of international music Students get exposed to traditional Ethiopian and American music. They also explore how they are similar or different. They also spend time learning specifically about Ethio-Jazz, and its current use in hip hop music.

Environment & Technology – What are the concerns facing the environment? How do we power the Earth? Energy and finding ways to provide it in a renewable, clean, and affordable way is a problem that faces every nation. What can we do to help solve the problem?

Changing Landscapes in the 21st Century - Students are introduced to various types of architecture that can be found through the countries.