Sponsorship Program

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According to the Millennium Development Goals, world leaders promised to “’Educate All Children’ at least at primary level by the year 2015”. Education creates choice and opportunity for people, reducing the twin burden of poverty and disease while giving a stronger voice within society. Every human being should have the opportunity to make a better life for the self and family. A sustainable end to world poverty and the path to peace and security require that every citizen is empowered to make positive choices. Unfortunately, too many children today are denied of their basic right to even attend primary school.

Bright Future School is taking measures, however small, to help improve the situation by focusing on ‘one child at a time.’  After all, one child in school is one child on the right path to success!

Sponsorship Package

Prices vary depending on the grades, all prices are stated per year. The exchange rate is approximately 1US$=17.52 birr. 

  Addis campus Hawassa Campus
Min Max Min Max
Full Birr 8270 Birr 9370 Birr 2800 Birr 3300
*one year tuition + uniform + books + materials
Tuition Birr 6770 Birr 7870 Birr-1300 Birr 1800
*100% one year tuition
Partial Birr 4135 Birr 4685 Birr 1400 Birr 1650
* 50% of  full scholarship

The benefactor will be able to monitor and closely follow the progress of the benefiting child. Regular reports of tests, Exams, as well as other activities, will be dispatched via e-mail or post. In applicable cases, occasional visits to the school to meet teachers and students are encouraged. Conferences over the telephone can also be held between the benefactor and the school.