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The Addis Ababa Branch

The Addis Ababa Branch has four campuses, of which the three are located in Bole sub-city, at the end of Bole Road behind Bole Mini Café. The central Administration office in Addis Ababa is also found behind Bole Mini Café. The Elementary - second cycle which is from grad 5 to 8 is found in the central office. The Kindergarten and Elementary - first cycle are also located in the neighborhood.

The Kindergarten and Primary School, and the Head Office and Elementary campuses are located here.

The High school Section is located in Bole Sub-city, Gerji Area near Unity University. See the maps below to find the exact locations of the campuses.

The Secondary School campus is located here.

The Hawassa Branch

The Hawassa branch has one campus, in which there are 3 three sections, Kindergarten, Primary, and secondary. The branch is located in Tabor Sub-city, on the way to Hawassa University Referral Hospital, on the left turn when reaching Hawassa College of Teachers Education. It is located at a distance of 400 meters from the junction, in an area called Lease Sefer.

See the map below to find the exact location of the branch.