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The school has grown significantly over the past decade with a significant increase in cost. Even with such limitations, Bright Future School has unfailingly given full as well as partial scholarships for around 20% of its total student body during any given academic year. These scholarships are given to children from less fortunate families who otherwise would not be able to attend school. The number of requests for scholarships is not at all represented in the number accepted to BFS due to the financial constraints of the school.

Bright Future School is now asking for your help in making a difference  by investing in the education, thus future, of a child and giving back to the community that so requires our combined effort.

Payment scheme

Payment for the packages will be completed in one payment before the beginning of the year (August). Currently, BFS has close to 50 students on a waiting list in need of sponsorship and is eagerly awaiting help for these children.

Bright Future would like to extend its deepest gratitude and appreciation for your consideration and help, and would like to promise you that money spent on educating a child is money well spent, for one day it will magnify a hundredfold.

To know more about the sponsorship program and/or support the cause, contact through the addresses here or use this form to instantly contact us.